Lockton Affinity Joins Executive Centre

Kansas City’s Lockton Affinity, an affiliate of the world’s largest privately-owned, independent insurance brokerage firm has signed a deal for 50,214 square feet of office space within the Executive Centre in Overland Park, KS.  “We are thrilled that a tenant of Lockton’s caliber is now going to call Executive Centre home,” said Mike Levitan.  When Onward Investors took ownership of the park, they recognized that if they were to attract future tenants, money would have to be spent to upgrade the buildings and park.  Lockton’s recent decision to relocate to Executive Centre validates everything Onward Investors has done over the past year. Extensive renovations included significant updates to the exterior and interior of the three office buildings, such as new landscaping and building identification, new paint on all exteriors, company kitchen available for use by all tenants in the park, and renovated lobbies and common areas.

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For more information, please contact Adam Abrams or Mike Levitan.