Nickel & Suede was born in September of 2013 when Mom and style blogger, Kilee Nickels, needed a pair of gold statement earrings to wear to an event. Using her favorite metal earrings as a template, Kilee cut and made her first pair of gold leather earrings. The earrings were bold and fashion-forward, but also so lightweight she forgot she was wearing them. The best part is that they were also life-changing – they weren’t just a fashion piece; they were a catalyst for boldness and confidence. Kilee debuted the earrings on her blog where the excitement and engagement were overwhelming. Nickel & Suede officially launched in June 2014, operating out of the Nickels’ basement. With Kilee‘s eye for design, and her ability to inspire women to step out of their comfort zones, Kilee started a business built on empowerment, optimism, style, and quality. It wasn’t long before women caught on to the life-changing vision and the brand grew from the Nickels’ basement to the 15,000 sq. ft. warehouse it operates from today.

Along with placing #127 on Inc 500’s fastest-growing companies in America, to growing their retail stores nationwide, Nickel & Suede has inspired people to be the best versions of themselves. Their mission to empower women through boldness, bravery, and optimism- even one big pair of earrings at a time- is truly changing the lives of the women in our community and all of over the world. Nickel & Suede has become a symbol of empowering women to be bold, to take a chance, to know their worth, and to change their life for the better.

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