AREA Adds Multi-Family Department

Why are we launching a Multi-Family Division?

Meet Grant Kollman.

It’s a new year and we’re excited to announce that we’re entering the multi-family market. The reason? You.

In response to a growing number of clients who have diversified property investments, including multi-family, we’ve been looking for the right leader to open this new market.

Enter Grant Kollman.

Like any other practice area, multi-family has a complex set of variables that drive value in the investment. With deep experience in this market, Grant joins us to help our clients decide the best way to make the most of their properties. Is it time to sell? Buy? Upgrade? Re-invest?

Grant believes that today’s multi-family market is not just about buying and selling at the right time, rather understanding the broader forces at play in the market and advising clients on how to invest in properties, how to invest in their properties, and how to steward their investments for maximum benefit.

“One of the reasons I’m excited to be at AREA is out partnership with Platform Ventures,” says Kollman.  “AREA and Platform have made a big commitment to developing technologies that can analyze hundreds of data points in real time to get a much more accurate view of what’s happening in the market. The speed at which we can crunch data and appraise opportunities is ridiculous. These advances are the leading edge of what every brokerage firm will look like in 10 years.”

Our clients are looking for adaptive reuses for properties or are looking stacking or adding uses to existing projects. Our clients need experience across all product types, including multi-family in order to find the optimal path forward. With teams with diverse experience we are uniquely able to advise our developer clients in the pre-planning phase of development.

Join us in welcoming Grant to the team and feel free to contact him.

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