Occupying Success

Founded by entrepreneurs, AREA is a full-service commercial real estate company specializing in office, retail, industrial and multi-family brokerage, as well as property management, project management and consulting.  AREA offers a platform that is tailored specifically for each client and assignment. We are not a company that clients simply plug into. We look at every transaction individually and from a business owner’s perspective. Our senior leadership is active on every account, pulling together partners and customizing the best solution to meet our clients’ needs.

AREA Real Estate Advisors has both regional and national expertise, and strong ongoing relationships. For 20 years, AREA has represented not only hundreds of clients locally, but also facilitated corporate relocations, both regionally and nationally. We have worked on the behalf of our clients to negotiate incentives, analyze financials and metrics, plus site selection. We apply a nimble, team approach while providing the highest level of service.


Established in 2002, AREA Real Estate Advisors is the leading independent commercial real estate firm in the Kansas City metropolitan area.

In May of 2016, investors within RED Brokerage and Platform Ventures (formerly Mariner Real Estate Management) purchased the firm from its previous ownership, creating what is now called AREA Real Estate Advisors.  Our name speaks to the versatility and creativity of the people at AREA. Whether it be the area of an office, industrial building, retail space, land or ground-up development, we are all about the environment in which our clients are invested. We operate with unprecedented strategy using real estate to its greatest potential for our clients.  Consistent with the founders’ vision, AREA continues a growth strategy that is uniquely entrepreneurial, fostered by a culture that celebrates and supports innovation. The leadership at AREA and Platform Ventures capitalize on each company’s deep resources to expand and elevate the level of service each provides to its customers and investors.