The newly built Edison District is a mixed-use development with premier office and retail space in the extremely walkable Downtown Overland Park. Downtown Overland Park has been known to have an absence of office spaces, which Edison District is closing the void of Class A office space. On the first floor of the district is Strang Hall, a food hall offering a unique dining experience featuring six chefs exhibiting their passion for exceptional cuisine. The hall features a coffee shop and bar along with a collection of authentic food you can’t find anywhere else in this town.

Edison district will also incorporate a 4-level parking garage along with plenty of surface parking, making it easy to come and go from home and work. The district includes an event plaza complete with an event space and a beautiful grassed area to relax and unwind before, during or after a hard day of work.

Along with the office building, the district includes 10,000 SF of retail space to bring vibrant retail into historic downtown Overland Park. These spaces will make for great restaurant or retail stores, located within walking distance of several modern apartment complexes.


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