AREA Retail Brokerage Services

Seller Representation – We supply clients with the most recent market sale comps, which help justify the maximum value for the asset. In addition to furnishing data to help make informed decisions, the AREA Retail Team also proactively and strategically identifies and contacts the potential buyers that exist both within and outside of the Kansas City Market.

Tenant Representation – AREA Retail has successfully assisted hundreds of local and national retailers and restaurants.  Whether it’s one single location, or a roll-out of multiple stores across the entire market, we have the market knowledge and network to identify properties currently available, as well as “off market” opportunities.

Landlord Representation – We drive qualified prospective tenants to the space through networking, internet presence, target marketing, and good old-fashioned boots on the ground.  We help the Landlord understand the competitive marketplace and position the property well for the desired outcome.

Buyer Representation – With a strong understanding of the existing marketplace, AREA provides in-depth knowledge of the available product on the market, as well as options that might not be listed to prospective buyers. We help those buyers navigate the buying process, along with negotiating the most competitive pricing for clients.

Broker Opinion of Value – We provide thorough valuation opinions for buildings or land that are based on comparable past sales, competitive analysis, and local market knowledge.