Research & Analytics Services

In today’s age, we understand the importance of analytics and research. Analytics can only help businesses to understand problems at hand and improve their operations in meaningful ways through facts and figures.  With input from our senior leadership, our brokers and our analysts, AREA proudly offers our clients a comprehensive view of the economy and commercial real estate markets.  We work closely with research analysts, third-party research, and data providers to gain real-time information and important trends in the economy.

Our analytics team works hard to provide you with the following:
1.   Custom analytics, data analysis, reporting, and research across all commercial real estate markets, both regionally and nationally.
2.   Reporting at the market and submarket levels on a myriad of metrics including, but not limited to, leasing, rent, sales, construction, and transactions.
3.   Customized reporting on market and submarkets with the ability to report historical data over multiple time periods.
4.   Customized forecasts (i.e. Base Case, Moderate Upside, Moderate Downside, and Severe Downside) with scenario analysis, which can be used to provide varying projections using the latest economic data and conditions.
5.   Chart and graphical data through reporting tools, as well as access to raw data for custom reports.

AREA understands the importance of our economy and how it impacts businesses’ decision making. Through the utilization of our industry relationships and national network, we have access to research that covers most major metropolitan areas across the country, providing our clients with a well-rounded view of the economy at hand.