Property Management

AREA Real Estate Advisors is a full service real estate company, which continues to embrace the entrepreneurial spirit of our roots as we grow, evolve and expand.  As a local provider of property management services, we try to streamline policies, procedures and guidelines, and focus on the basics of property management:  COLLECT THE RENT, PAY THE BILLS AND MAKE GREAT REAL ESTATE.  This allows AREA to focus on understanding the specific needs of our clients and their assets, and spend more time on-site talking with tenants and dealing with issues.  By focusing on the basics of property management, we remain nimble, flexible, and able to customize a unique management plan designed to deliver high quality service.

AREA Property Management is currently managing 2 million square feet in the Kansas City Metro. We are determined to establish the premiere provider of commercial real estate services in Kansas City, while building strong relationships with clients and tenants.  We feel the best way to achieve our goal is through common sense leadership focused on employing and developing the best people in the industry; and providing an environment where our employees and clients can enjoy success.