City Club Apartments hired AREA’s Josh Scott as project manager to oversee construction of the restaurant concepts at City Club’s Crossroads mixed-use development, currently underway. Josh’s construction oversight is divided between three parts: preparation, execution and closeout.

PREPARATION – In the preparation phase, Josh met with the landlord and tenants to fully understand the project goals and objectives. Once he gained a good understanding of the project, he developed, managed and tracked the project schedule. Josh reviewed the plans and provided options for value engineering to ensure they met both the landlord and tenant’s expectations. Finally, he assisted ownership with general contractor discussions.

EXECUTION – Josh provides updates to the project schedule weekly with status updates and acts as the point of contact for all contractors, vendors and other teams related to the project. If any delays come across, he informs the ownership team of the delays or issues while performing regular site walks to confirm work is on schedule and meets quality expectations. Josh hosts weekly calls with ownership to provide updates on all projects and ensures all decisions are made in a timely manner to prevent delays and cost overruns. He also provides weekly pictures and progress summaries to ownership. Finally, he reviews TI requests including work completion percentage, lien wavers and all requested documentation.

CLOSEOUT – For Josh’s final steps of his project oversight, he will perform punch walks at the project completion on behalf of ownership to ensure quality and full completion. Once this is complete, he requests, reviews and approves the final closeout packet for the work completed.

City Club Apartments is hoping for a fall completion and opening of its Wine Bar and City Diner concept.